East Feliciana Parish

*Underlined text is link to named ordinance

1.Parish Special Acts


2.Alcoholic Beverages

3. Animals and Fowl

3B31. Building Codes

3B51. 911 Emergency Street Addresses

3B61. Mobile Home

3B71. Recreational Vehicles

4. Emergency Preparedness

4A. Communications

5. Courts

5A. Floods

6. Franchises

6A. Garbage and Waste Management

7.  Health and Sanitation

8.  Housing

9. Libraries

10. Offenses

11. Peddlers and Itinerant Venders

12.  Planning and Development

12A. Airpark Land Use and Aviation Hazard Zoning

13.  Special Districts

13A. Streets, Roads, Sidewalks and other Public Places

13A5. Logging

13A6. Heavy and Oversized Load Regulations

13A7. Trail Rides

13A21. Culvert Regulations

14. Reserved

15.  Taxation

16. Traffic and Motor Vehicles

16A. Vehicles for Hire

17. Wards, Districts and Precincts

Appendix A. Subdivision Ordinance