East Feliciana Parish

Parish Legal Advisor

Sam DA'Quilla, District Attorney



About East Feliciana Parish                                 

The East Feliciana Parish Police Jury is the foundation of our Parish Government. The Police Jury is consistently striving to make our Parish a better and safer place to live. The Police Jury is the mechanism behind the scenes that ensures our community and way of life can be enjoyed from day to day. They are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of approximately 315 miles of parish roads and bridges, enforcing parish ordinances and provide a host of services.

District 1-A

Glen Kent

14351 Hwy. 959

Clinton, La. 70722


District 1-B

Chris Hall

8311 Hwy 955 E

Ethel, La. 70730


District 2

Edward Brooks Sr.

7105 Richardson Loop

Jackson, La.70748


District 3

Jason McCray

P.O. Box 1332

Jackson, La. 70748


District 4-A

Keith Mills

3719 Bank Street

Jackson, La. 70748


District 4-B

Dwight Hill

P.O. box 161

Jackson, La. 70748


District 5

Michael Cheatham

P.O. Box 707

Clinton, La. 70722

District 6

Sean Smith - Vice President

P.O. Box 802

Clinton, La. 70722


District 7

Louis Kent - President 

P.O. Box 7996

Clinton, La. 70722


Barbara Vail -  Parish Manager

P.O. Box 427

Clinton, La. 70722


Joseph Moreau- OEP/Homeland Seurity

P.O. Box 1638

Clinton, La. 70722


 Districts and Representing Juror